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Memes funny new popular best internet memes The funniest shit on the Internet. Memes and eCards that will make you laugh. Memes funny new popular best internet memes Funny Memes: If you want to make someone laugh then this article of Funny Memes will be very special for you. It’s especially for all the lovers of Funny cat memes. And today we are sharing latest Funny animal memes. memesfunnymemes.blogspot.com NEW MEMES OF 2018: UGANDAN KNUCKLES, TIDE PODS AND MORE!



2018 couldn't have started better when it comes to memes: The new year began with Logan Paul and his absolute lack of common sense and respect. Then Ugandan Knuckles came to show us de wae, and finally someone decided it's a good idea to eat Tide Pods (disclaimer: it is NOT). 2018 has just started and we've already seen great new memes and trends. We don't know what the next big meme will be, but while we wait for it here are some of the most popular new memes of 2018 so far. Ugandan Knuckles memes: do you know de wae? Some hate it, some love it. Ugandan Knuckles has been one of the most popular memes in January 2018. If you don't know de wae he will show it to you! You found de wae, brudda.


Mommy, who are these people?


Drake Knuckles and de wae.

I fear no man.

Dank tattoos.

Guys with hair like this.

Everybody knows de wae.

Tide Pods memes.  The jokes around the stupid and dangerous idea of eating Tide Pods laundry detergent capsules and the Tide Pods challenge have also been a popular meme topic this month. Here are some examples:  Optimal nutrition.



The forbidden nectar.

Tide pods and gluten.

Wash your mouth out with soap.

Tide Pod Chan

Bonus: Logan Paul, Highway Exit Drift and Distracted Boyfriend memes.  Logan Paul's viral video in the Suicide Forest in Japan also left us a few memes, as did the Distracted Boyfriend and Highway Exit Drift meme templates.  Common sense vs views.

New year resolutions.

Distracted boyfriend driving.

Taking a day off.

Not bad for just the first weeks of January, right? Surely new memes will appear in 2018 and we will be ready for them!


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